Calling all powerful warm hearted coaches, healers, change makers and leaders to


Achieve your highest souls potential
Manifest your dreams
Transform your LIFE with Ancient Divine Feminine Flow
Springboard your business using new paradigm approaches.


UNLEARNING all the behaviours, patterns and programs keeping you from who you want to be and having what you desire.

We are IN A NEW PARADIGM of the New Aquarian Age and THIS IS YOUR TIME!

you’re ready to be lifted into your next-level life, where you raise your standards, dream bigger, prioritise your desires, and develop an unapologetic loving approach to living and working the ancient feminine way….… then YES, this is for you.

You work hard and are constantly operating in “go-go-go” mode, overthinking your every move, and are seeking another way that is softer, balancing that energy with something more in tune with your energy, effective and fun in order to tap further into your creativity and spirituality… then YES, this is for you.

You’ve been longing for a safe place to land, where you can nurture your soul with like minded spiritually advanced warm hearted women and have your own cup filled up.

You want to learn more about the Ancient Divine Feminine Flow and have unshakable confidence, heightened visibility as you become MORE of who you are.....then YES, this is for you.

You are looking for a high-vibe community of spiritually advanced women who cheer you when you succeed, encourage you to dream bigger, and are also committed to a vision of beaty, love, and abundance co-creating heaven on earth… then YES, this is for you.


Divinely Prosper is The Ancient Divine Feminine Portal to Meaningful Success, Your Soul’s Mastery and Abundance


Divinely Prosper is a place to land, and nourish your soul, your soul light and love like never before so beauty, pleasure and abundance can grow organically.

Where we take a stand that BEING A WOMAN IS HER GREATEST ASSET!!

We are a loving supportive community of women helping each other on the island to grow, expand, shine and make money from our soul work with ease, grace and synchronicity.

A Queendom, where only women who are ready to step into their Queenhood reside.

A place where you have a sense of belonging at this time of great spiritual emergence.

MAGIC, Opportunities and Long Term Dreams are becoming a reality. IT IS MIND BLOWING!!!

This is a JOURNEY, not another course or program!

Get your passport ready to join The Divinely Prosper Island.

The passport to join us on this island of possibility is:

  • You know you have a big mission and are now ready to step into the shoes of the leader you are in an Ancient Divine Feminine Way.
  • You are ready to surrender to a higher power, to your guides and your soul’s highest Divine Plan.
  • You are open, curious and ready to let go of all the ways you limit yourself.
  • You have done enough spiritual and personal development work that you take personal responsibility for how you feel and let us support you.
  • You now feel ready to let yourself experience unconditional love. YES, that is LOVE WITHOUT A CONDITION!
  • You too have been feeling called to create a heaven on earth, one where we support, love and take care of each and you really want to see this win/win paradigm.
  • You now want to LIVE what you KNOW to be true.
  • You have a willingness deep within you - THY WILL BE DONE



What do you receive on The Divinely Prosper Island?

  • Hot seat healing/coaching sessions with me Marcia so you can keep moving forwards with ease and joy.
  • One round table Q&A on ANYTHING you want to keep the needle moving forward for you.
  • Weekly Channeled Healings/Activations/Alignments to keep you anchored into the vortex. Say goodbye to the ups and downs.
  • Anchors to keep you connected to that Divine Source strengthening your Divine connection. Just like a wifi signal, it stops dropping. It is like being connected to a router!!!
  • Money consciousness upgrades, so you become THE WEALTHY WOMAN YOU ARE!


I’m making this easy because we both know, YOU DESERVE THIS.

Additional Benefits that come as part of this journey, that are PRICELESS!

  • Access to high vibe wise women really leading the way in a whole new paradigm.
  • The space for the expansion your soul is wanting.
  • Member Spotlight
  • Magic spells to bring to you what your heart desires.
  • Learn Ancient Divine Feminine Teaching where things just CLICK into place.
  • Deep soul connections with the women on this island.
  • A Marketplace to showcase your offers and buy from your fellow High Priestesses.
  • Guidance from Goddess Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Eden and The Galactic Beings and more…
  • Unique Access to The Divinely Prosper Portal where all the halls of wisdom reside.
  • Weekly Power Hour Gathering to get stuff done so you deal with those energy drains and things that make more money.
  • Enhanced Accountability Buddy so you commit and are supported in bringing your intentions to life.
  • And much more that I just can’t put into words because it must be experienced to fully get it.

There is a spiritual formula to bring this reality into being and this involves you.

The more women we have operating from this level of consciousness creates a tipping point that will change the world. Until you experience it, nothing changes.

We create the Promised Land … TOGETHER!

This is being led with guidance from Goddess Isis, Mary Magdalene, the Divine Mother and the Divine Father, Eden, the Galactic beings, Archangel Ariel, Archangel Metatron and the Dolphins and Whales (spirit animals for 2021) Marcia uses the ancient power of colour to access a whole new dimension. Be ready for a mind-blowing experience.

So you ready to step forwards and HONOUR your souls highest destiny, shine and claim your throne to DIVINELY PROSPER ON EVERY LEVEL OF YOUR BEING?

Then click on the button below:


Meet Your Guide, Energy Healer & Voice of The Ancient Divine Feminine.

Hi, I am Marcia O’Regan known as The Entrepreneurs Healer, Soul Guide and Voice of The Ancient Divine Feminine.

My intuition, fun and heart-centred nurturing way in how I show up in the world and in business has allowed me to be the pioneer in the healing and entrepreneurial field leading the way in this New Aquarian Age.

My gift to see the soul’s highest identity and align them into the flow of highest love, the most powerful energy there is, creates quantum shifts for. 

Inside Divinely Prosper my work will help you by clearing and releasing energy blocks from all times, gain tools and spiritual insight in the power of The Ancient Divine Feminine so you can step fully into your souls blueprint and embody your highest souls identity, connect with the soul of your business, grow your intuition, and expand your business.

This will have you feel unstoppable and you become a magnet to all you have dreamed of.

I empower warm hearted spiritual women by removing blocks to all forms of lack and activate them to a whole new vibration where they are enlightened to their true soul essence, mission and greater spiritual connection. This is THE GAME CHANGER.

I am here to liberate women on a soul level so they can THRIVE and DIVINELY PROSPER.

When you lead your life with Ancient Divine Feminine Energy, you will make decisions from a place of ‘I desire’ versus ‘I should’’ This is when things you really wanted start falling into place that everyone else said was impossible.”

Your new favourite
at-home destination
for all things to Divinely Prosper
Billed Monthly: €185 (for 12 months)


The Ongoing Transformative journey
to embody the DP Power
Billed Yearly: €2,000
(Save €220)